Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre


I am Yvonne Sitko, and have been involved in the rehabilitation, education and conservation of  Birds of Prey since 2000.   I have a background in Land, Parks and Wildlife Management and have traveled to a number of countries working with over 150 different species of Birds of Prey.

In the beginning I started out as a volunteer Wildlife Carer and spend many hours learning from mentors how to return sick and injured birds back into the wild.

In 2005, I started to evolve the education in Perth bringing awareness to Birds of Prey. (A group of birds that is still misunderstood). In May, I established the Raptor flying displays in Whiteman Park, Mussel Pool West. Which gave the public an ‘up close and personal encounter’ with Birds of Prey flying free.

In 2007, Auzzie became my greatest achievement when I developed a partnership with the West Coast Eagles and flew a 4.5kg Wedge-tailed Eagle at every home game in Perth.

Birds of Prey are my life’s passion.

As the years have passed, I have had the opportunity to work with natures top predators, meet amazing people and live my dream.  I continue to evolve the education to reach schools, special needs, environmental centres and corporate giving the birds a voice.  I also continue to assist with over 100 birds  coming into captivity.

My business goal is education through entertainment. This approach means I get to educate many people about the importance of conservation and of course introduce them to the wonderful birds themselves.