West Coast Eagles introduce Auzzie

The West Coast Eagles published this article about Auzzie on their website.

Auzzie the Wedgetail EagleYou may have been lucky enough to see the West Coast Eagles’ newest recruit flying around Subiaco Oval at our home games.

The West Coast Eagles, in partnership with the Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre (WABOPC) and Whiteman Park, are working together to promote awareness of birds of prey in Western Australia.

Auzzie, Whiteman Park’s wedge-tail eagle, has become an effective ambassador for the conservation and rehabilitation of birds of prey, while promoting important educational messages to the wider community.

As a committed supporter of Whiteman Park’s outstanding conservation work, the West Coast Eagles are proud and honoured to have Auzzie as the highest flying member of the squad.

He was introduced at the first West Coast home game for the season in round two, and really made his impression in round four during his first free flight around the oval before the match.

WABOPC owner and founder, Yvonne Sitko has been training Auzzie for several months, as well as conditioning him to feel comfortable with the football environment. An enthusiastic crowd of 40,000 plus can intimidate even the most hardened football veteran, however with Sitko’s help Auzzie feels completely at home at the oval and quite likes watching a bit of football as well. Auzzie is well-trained, accustomed to people and genuinely enjoys his fortnightly football outings.

With support from the Department of Environment and Conservation, Sitko has been granted a license allowing her to fly Auzzie free at Subiaco Oval before all West Coast Eagles home games.

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