Raptor with injured wingIf a bird is injured, we want to rehabilitiate it and return the bird back to the wild as soon as possible.

Each bird that comes into care is assessed, treated and then placed in a tailor made program. The length of the program is dictated by the age, species and severity of the injury.

Programmes can vary. A short term stay might be 2-3 weeks, resulting from loss of habitat or dehydration. A long term stay of 6 – 12 months might result from broken wings or legs.

In some cases the bird of prey coming into captivity may need fitness work or hunting experience.

These birds are placed on a long term rehabilitation program.

Raptor with injured footFalconry, the use of a bird of prey to actively hunt live animals, is illegal in Australia. This sport was banned back in the 60s.

Today, some of the techniques that falconers use are suitable to assist with the  rehabilitation of Birds of Prey in Western Australia.

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If you find a sick, injured or orphaned bird of prey in Perth, please contact:

  • Yvonne Sitko at Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre on 0438 388 383
  • Marra Apgar at Perth Raptor Care on 0403 164 748

Contacts in WA outside of Perth please contact:

  • Margaret River: Phil at Eagles Heritage. Phone 08 9757 2960
  • Nannup/Jallbaragup: Nancy at EarthWings. Phone 08 9756 0669
  • Geraldton: Janelle at Just Raptors. Phone 08 9938 1447 or 0429 028 711
  • Kimberley Wildlife Rescue Inc. Phone 08 91691229
  • Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association Inc. Phone 0438 924 842

Other Wildlife

Please contact WA Wildcare Helpline on 08 9474 9055

Perth Centres

  • Darling Range Wildlife Shelter: 9394 0885
  • Kanyana: 9291 3900
  • Native Animal Rescue (NAR): 9249 3434
  • Native Ark: 9417 7105
  • Western Australian Seabirds Rescue: 0418 952 683