Mr O in Claremont

It is wonderful to hear from the locals on the sighting of Mr O, our wonderful Osprey from Claremont. He has been more recently spotted in the Norfolk Pine near the jetty calling to what appears to be Mrs O flying over head.
For those of you whom have been following the story via the media, Mr O was rehabilitated and released last year in December by the Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre. On release, Mr O circled and soared around before perching in the Norfolk Pine on a branch below the nest. Of course Mrs O was not impressed on Mr O disappearance and gave him a clout behind the ears followed by about 5 minutes of screaming. To this day, via reports from the locals, Mr O was never allowed back at the nest site and was not allowed to be involved in the feeding and rearing of the youngsters.

It is now early March and the young have fledged and left the nest, it is also now the time Mrs O will be looking for male company. It is a good thing Mr O is very patient and was willing to wait from Mrs O to accept him back to the nest site after he abandoned her back in November for 3 1/2 weeks.