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Brown Falcon

GT - Brown Falcon - Falco berigoraScientific Name: Falco berigora

GT is a male who was born in November 2005.

GT will often fill in for Ford during displays but he also takes up the role for glove-work, giving the brave the opportunity to ‘hold’ a bird on the glove.

GT was illegally transported into the state from South Australia. Hitching a ride in GT was a disease. A disease that if untreated can be fatal to its host and other animals the parasite was to come in contact with.

The disease was Filarioid Nematodes – in simple terms internal worms. This particular genus feds on tissue around the joints. The tarsus is one area the symptoms are very obvious.

With simple treatment the Nematodes died and were absorbed back into the body.

This is a good example of how important it is to quarantine especially if you do not know the history of the animal you are treating.