Auzzie’s Training cancelled by Peregrine Falcon

Auzzie’s training session this morning was cancelled due to a female Peregrine Falcon attaching Auzzie, my Wedge-tailed Eagle, in flight.

Auzzie has been training at Paterson Stadium for 7 years. (Home of the West Coast Eagles).  Her training session are either early morning or mid afternoon during the weekday. Fitness training ready for the games on the weekend.  On April 18th 2013, in amongst the fog, Auzzie was struck twice by a fast flying peregrine. The falcon came from no where.

Since 2007, I have witnessed a pair of Peregrine Falcons coming into the stadium while training Auzzie. It is evident that they have a nest in the area and are breeding through the months of  August, September and October.  After the 18th April, with the presence of the aggressive, Female it is evident she is establishing a territory and will be breeding early this year.

Training for Auzzie from this day forth, is going to be very interesting! Peregrines are well know for attaching large birds, knocking them out of the sky if they pose a threat. So Auzzie’s training sessions will need to be altered to prevent any chance of an injury.

Currently working on placing a camera on Auzzie, so all the training sessions can be recorded.

Keep you all posted.