Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre

Auzzie – Most famous Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audux)

Auzzie has been flying for the West Coast Eagles since 2007. This year in 2019, she will reach 150 games.

You can see Auzzie fly, 15 min before bounce down at every home game.

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Wedge-tailed Eagle

Scientific Name: Aquila audax

Auzzie is famous as the mascot for the West Coast Eagles, and flies around Paterson Stadium for each of the West Coast Eagles’ home games.

Born in Alice Springs in October 2006. Auzzie had been illegally taken from her nest  and kept as a pet.  The authorities intervened and passed her onto wildlife carers whom in turn contacted Yvonne Sitko in Perth, Western Australia.

The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) issued a licence for Auzzie to travel to Perth and remain under the care of the Western Austalain Birds of Prey Centre.

Since 2006, Auzzie has become a well known ambassador for her species. Not only providing awareness for her species but also education to the masses.  At every home game for the West Coast Eagles, Auzzie flies 20 minutes before bounce down, entertaining the member and insiring the players.  During  quarter time and half time Auzzie can often be found in the VIP or corporate boxes once again, spreading the conservational message.


Auzzie’s Profile

Origin – Alice springs NT

Date of birth – November 2006

Weight – 4 – 4.5kg

Height – 80cm

Wing Span – 2.1m (Height of Dean Cox)

Longest talon – 5cm

Club Début – 2007

Favorite Food – Crows, Magpies, Kangaroos and the odd Docker

Favorite Player – Mark Nacoski

Favorite song – West Coast Eagles theme song and Eagle rock.

Favorite dance – Birdie dance

Past time – Watching the AFL games and sharing a few rats with his friends at Whiteman Park

Hobby’s – Flying high and kicking the footy

Rewards – After every home game I receive a rabbit to feast on

Current Injuries – Nil

Previous Injuries – 2 broken deck feathers, damage to the cere

Training – up to 2 hours a day 5 days a week at Paterson Stadium

Diet –Rats, mice, quail, chicken, rabbit and kangaroo

Ambitions – To fly at the 2012 grand final.  Receive the fairest and best metal.

Dine with –  John Worsfold

Like to meet – Andrew Demetriou




Auzzie Flying High