About WA Birds of Prey

Meet the team from WA Birds of Prey.

  • Yvonne


    Homo sapiens

    Yvonne Sitko is the founder of WA Birds of Prey and token human.

    Meet Yvonne

  • Auzzie

    Wedge-tailed Eagle

    Aquila audax

    Auzzie is the West Coast Eagles mascot, flying free at home games.

    Meet Auzzie

  • Micro

    Wedge-tailed Eagle

    Aquila audax

    Micro is a spectacular eagle with a friendly personality and cheerful smile.

    Meet Micro

  • Pandora

    Black Kite

    Milvus migrans

    Pandora is excellent at raking, stealing, fishing ... and fire farming.

    Meet Pandora

  • Bee

    Whistling Kite

    Haliaster sphenurus

    Bee catches food 'on the wing', eating food from her talons while in flight.

    Meet Bee

  • Petra

    Australian Kestrel

    Falco cenchroides

    Petra displays the Kestrel's estraordinary skill in hovering and low level flight.

    Meet Petra

  • GT

    Brown Falcon

    Falco berigora

    GT survived a deadly disease after being illegally imported into WA.

    Meet GT

  • Oska

    Barking Owl

    Ninox connivens

    Oska has an entertaining 'wuf wuf' call and characteristic wink.

    Meet Oska

  • Ford

    Brown Falcon

    Falco berigora

    Brown falcons are particularly effective snake catchers.

    Meet Ford